The Lyondellbasell Maasvlakte terminal uses UAB-online as an online environment to register barges. 

Barges can register their ship at UAB-online. If this is your first time you can create an account. You can register 1,5 hour before the expected day and time of arrival. If this time period is longer as 1,5 hour your registration will automatically be denied. 

If you need help with your registration you can use the digital manual from UAB: Manual UAB.

Your registration will automatically be received by one of the Lyondellbasell employee. We will proceed with your registration and provide feedback when your ship can moor at our terminal. 

From here onwards we will digitally fill in the VOW- and AND checklist using the pre-filled information from your registration. 

All data will be digitally signed and send towards your preferred email address.


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